Benelli M1014 (M4 Super 90)

This is the Double Eagle trishot version of the M1014, and I’ve had it for a little less than a year now. One of the most glaring omissions of this shotgun was the lack of the charging handle, which never really bothered me until I found myself without internet and with a metric ton of time and boredom.

So I grinded down and sanded the “Made in China” and “Warning” markings over the ejector port, then fashioned a charging handle out of a dried out Crayola Marker cap that was cut down to length, and finally by gluing a washer on top of it.

Some JB Weld and a new paintjob, and this shotgun looks like business!


I always wanted to put an AMD style vented handguard on my AK, but since it’s a TM spec weapon, it doesn’t fit real gun parts. So I thought about drilling holes in the plastic handguard to replicate the look but just never had the time or motivation to do it.

But as fate would have it, my AT&T Uverse box commited seppuku Friday morning, so I suddenly had both time and motivation, and this drill job was done in no time.


This is the classic TM MP7A1 AEP that was released years and years ago. I got this weapon from Jon (Ender007), who has long since replaced it in his armory with TM’s new GBB version of the MP7. This gun’s got incredible trigger response, range, and accuracy even after all these years and I am thoroughly impressed with its performance.

Because our AT&T Uverse box killed itself a couple days ago, I spent the last day or two cleaning my room, and then admiring my weapons. I noticed some things that I hadn’t put much thought into before on some of them, and the MP7 was no exception.

One thing I noticed was the sheer length of the weapon with its stock extended all the way, so I took my dremel and made notches for an intermediate stock position. And now, it sits nicely and comfortably in my shoulder (and is more comfortable to hold too, according to my sister who hates having to lug around my AK-105).

H&K G3A4

Found a Marui endcap and CA wire stock at AEX’s boneyard yesterday. Some dremeling and filing was required to make them fit but here it is. This rifle’s finally done, gives me a chance to take a breath and admire the thing before moving on to making the AK-105 pretty.


  • Tokyo Marui G3SG/1
  • UTG Tri-rail handguard
  • Tokyo Marui stock endcap
  • Classic Army wire stock
  • G&G top rail mount
  • EOTech 552 replica
  • G&P PEQ-2
  • Magpul XTM Rail Panels
  • Echo 1 M4 brass deflector (salvaged and welded)

These past three years of school our English teachers have been drilling us with keeping our prose concise and to the point, keeping our word count low, and not beating around the bush in our essays.

And then this summer for this online English course the teacher literally just gave me a 10% on this essay because I didn’t meet the 1100 minimum word count. Okay, I didn’t even know there was a minimum word count but jesus christ I can get my point across in 500 words what the heck bro

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